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BSS: B2B Portal/Net Terms

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BSS: B2B Portal/Net Terms is a powerful Shopify app designed to simplify the wholesale ordering process for B2B customers. With advanced features like quick-order forms, multi-product variants order, and bundle kits, this app enhances the shopping experience for wholesale customers. It allows customers to pay later or reorder past purchases, and even request product quotes for price negotiations. Additionally, customers can become company account users and easily manage multiple sub-users of the company account.

Key Features

  • Quick Order: Allow B2B customers to add multiple products to their cart

  • Net Terms: B2B customers can pay later within the time frame

  • Request For Quotes: Customers can submit quotes and negotiate for the best price

  • Company Account: Allow customers to become company users, add & manage sub-users

  • More B2B features: Re-order, Multiple variants order in product page, Bundle Kit


Free Forever


All features included, suitable for development stores and stores under Shopify Free Trial

Pro Plan


Includes quick order, embedded in My Account Dashboard, assign specific products for specific customers, no theme conflict, and 24*7 support



Includes NET Terms 15/30/45/60/90, auto tags order, company accounts, bundle kit, reorder, request for quote, and stock synchronize



Includes unlimited sales rep, unlimited request for quote, multi-product variants, and private 24/7 support

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the quick-order form to streamline the wholesale ordering process

  • Offer net terms to B2B customers to enhance their purchasing experience

  • Enable the request for quotes feature to negotiate prices with customers

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