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Inventory Planning Pro Assisty

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Managing inventory

Inventory tracking


Inventory Planning Pro Assisty is a robust app that revolutionizes inventory management and replenishment for Shopify merchants. With intelligent inventory forecasting and replenishment strategies, it helps businesses bid farewell to stockouts and excess inventory. The app streamlines operations, boosts revenue, and elevates customer satisfaction with its user-friendly solution.

Key Features

  • Intelligent inventory forecasting

  • Inventory tracking and stock level management

  • Inventory replenishment suggestions

  • Comprehensive sales reports and analytics

  • Export data for in-depth analysis




6 months of sales historical data, update data when using the app, export data of current page only, create 5 favorite reports



Full historical data, hourly data update, export all data, create unlimited favorite reports, custom dashboard, unlimited schedule reports

Advanced Shopify


For stores currently on the Advanced Shopify plan, includes all features of the Professional Plan

Shopify Plus


For stores currently on the Shopify Plus plan, includes all features of the Advanced Shopify Plan

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly analyze sales reports to identify trends and make informed inventory decisions

  • Utilize the intelligent inventory forecasting feature to accurately predict demand and optimize stock levels

  • Take advantage of the inventory replenishment suggestions to ensure cost-effective inventory management

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