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Marketing & Sales Attribution

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Marketing & Sales Attribution is a powerful Shopify app that uses Machine Learning and AI to provide ecommerce marketers with deep insights to scale revenue and maximize marketing spend. With game-changing customer behavior analysis and clear paths to increase revenue, this app will transform how you optimize your channels and campaigns. By leveraging first-party customer data, Dimensions from AdAmplify helps you exponentially grow subsequent purchases. Unleash the power of behavioral-driven customer marketing and take your business to the next level.

Key Features

  • Forecast Future Revenue for each of your marketing channels and campaigns

  • Leverage Your Users’ Probability of Purchase to consistently improve ROAS

  • Maximize Repeat Purchases by leveraging user behavior to scale sales conversions

  • Understand Your User Journeys to retarget cohorts of customers ready to purchase

  • Level Up Machine Learning to increase your competitive advantage


Marketing Basics


Includes Trends Dashboard and User Journey

Mktg Essentials


Includes Trends Dashboard, User Journey, Cohort Filtering, Cohort Retargeting, Key Metrics, and Attribution Reports (5 models)

ML Attribution Pro


Includes Trends Dashboard, User Journey, Cohort Filtering, Cohort Retargeting, Key Metrics, Attribution Reports (5 models), and ML/AI Analytics Suite

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the Forecast Future Revenue feature to plan and strategize your marketing campaigns

  • Regularly analyze the User Journeys to identify opportunities for retargeting and increasing conversions

  • Leverage the Probability of Purchase insights to optimize your ROAS

  • Experiment with different attribution models to understand the impact of your marketing efforts

  • Take advantage of the Machine Learning capabilities to gain a competitive advantage

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