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Get a $10k bonus when you sell your Shopify store.

Eligible Shopify store owners can turn their biz into cash in 2 weeks with OpenStore and receive an extra $10k for just being a Future Commerce listener.

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No Hidden Fees

The amount you see in an offer is the amount youʼll get.

No Fickle Buyers

If you meet our qualifications, we’ll extend an offer.

No Strings Attached

Fully move on to what’s next while our in-house team takes over.

Step 1

Get an offer in 1 day

Every OpenStore offer generated is based on unique attributes and reviewed by industry analysts within 24hrs.
850k acquisition offer

Step 2

Get cash in 2 weeks

Shopify store owners who qualify, receive, and accept an offer can get their first check in as little as two weeks.
timeline of 2 weeks

Step 3

Move on in 3 months

After fully transitioning out of your business, you’ll be able to relax knowing your store is in good hands.
three months on calendar

See If You Qualify

If your store meets the following criteria, there’s a great chance you’ll get a proposal from us.

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6+ months of operations

$500k+ in net sales to consumer audiences

The majority of customers and sales are in the U.S.

Product category isn’t restricted on Facebook

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