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Drive Your Store

Turn Your Shopify Business into Passive Income

Our experts will run your store for a year, while you receive guaranteed monthly payments. OpenStore analyzes your store’s performance to calculate your monthly payments.


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Take your time back

Transition everything, from marketing to fulfillment, to our experts over 60 days so you can pursue what’s next.
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Get paid no matter what

Performance fluctuation will not affect your passive income payments. We’re so confident in our experts that we’ll take on any risk and guarantee your monthly payments, for a small fee.
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Maintain your ownership

Choose to continue with OpenStore Drive, sell your business, or take back all operations yourself at the end of the year.
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Reclaim Your Peace of Mind

Here’s how we’ll make this

the easiest year

of owning a Shopify store – from proposal to close.

Apply in minutes

We’ll analyze your store’s performance over the last year.

Get a customized proposal

See all 12 months of your passive income payments upfront.

Lock in your passive income

Transition your store to our experts within 60 days.

Maintain visibility into your store

Get quarterly updates on your store’s performance.

See If You Qualify

If your store meets the following criteria, there’s a great chance you’ll get a proposal from us.

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6+ months of operations

$500k+ in net sales to consumer audiences

Majority of customers and sales are in the U.S.

Product category isn’t restricted on Facebook

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Frequently Asked Questions

OpenStore Drive is a managed service that turns your Shopify business into passive income. In exchange for a small management fee, OpenStore’s team of experts will manage your Shopify business for you, all while paying you a guaranteed monthly payment.

If your business meets our qualification criteria, you’ll receive an OpenStore Drive proposal within 1 day of requesting it. OpenStore Drive proposals outline 12 fixed monthly passive income payments (net of a 10% payout management fee) that you will receive over the course of a year. You’ll have 2 weeks to either accept or reject the proposal before it expires.

After you connect your Shopify account and ads accounts, our Analyst team and pricing engine will evaluate your store’s performance over the last twelve months to help accurately forecast the next year’s profits. We incorporate any trends in customer acquisition growth, average order value, customer repeat rate, and profit margins into our offer. This information determines the proposed monthly, passive income payments, net of our management fee.

Yes. While we strive to be as accurate as possible in our proposals, we’re incentivized to grow your business and beat our own projections. Because we take on any performance risk and pay you your passive income payments no matter what, we keep any additional profit if we’re able to beat our projections.

Our team of ecommerce experts will leverage our scale, operating platform, and experience to help drive down costs and increase profits for your business. As part of OpenStore Drive, we’ll build an iOS app for your business, manage customer service, oversee shipping and logistics, run marketing campaigns, and more.

Unlike selling your business, with OpenStore Drive, you maintain ownership of your business while our team manages it for you. After 12 months, you can continue with OpenStore Drive, sell your business, or resume day-to-day operations again.

OpenStore will reimburse you for on-hand inventory sold while we manage your business. Additionally, we’ll take over demand planning and pay for any new purchase orders made to our suppliers.