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OpenStore makes money by scaling your store with our premiere e-commerce team.
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Every offer is generated based on your store’s unique attributes & reviewed by industry analysts within 24hrs.

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Qualifying businesses will receive an real offer for their shopify business and a check in about 2 weeks

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Relax knowing your store will continue to receive the investment it needs to scale.

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Our team of experienced entrepreneurs have had successful exits from companies like Paypal, Ebay, and Google.

Keith Rabois

Keith served as an executive at PayPal, LinkedIn and Square. He founded Opendoor, which is a new way to sell your home with a click of a button. He is currently a General Partner at Founders Fund and has led investments in DoorDash, Affirm, Stripe and others.

CEO and Co-Founder
Jack Abraham

Jack is the CEO and Managing Partner at Atomic where he founded hims & hers, and Bungalow. Prior to Atomic, he founded Milo, which was acquired by eBay. He has invested in Pinterest, Postmates, Uber and others.

Board Member and Co-Founder
Michael Rubenstein

Michael previously served as President and Board Member at AppNexus (re-branded Xandr) before and after the company's acquisition by AT&T. Prior to AppNexus, he founded and served as General Manager of Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX).

President and Co-Founder

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Yes! OpenStore’s pricing process is free and without any obligation. It is an opportunity to discover what your business is worth.

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