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Our simple acquisition process allows qualified Shopify store owners to sell their business in as little as two weeks.


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No Hidden Fees

The amount you see in an offer is the amount youʼll get.

No Fickle Buyers

If you meet our qualifications, weʼll extend an offer. Go from proposal to sale in two weeks.

No Strings Attached

Get cash upfront for your store and fully move on to whatʼs next while our in-house team takes over.

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Sell Your Shopify Business in Two Weeks


two weeks

, you could receive an offer from OpenStore, transfer your business over, and start something new.

Step 1

Connect your store

Link your Shopify store, add your financials, and connect your ads accounts. Don’t worry: we keep your data entirely confidential and you can disconnect your store if you decide not to move forward with OpenStore.
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Step 2

Accept your offer

If you're happy with our cash offer and accept it, we will then move into a two-week diligence phase, during which our team confirms your store is ready for acquisition.
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Step 3

Enjoy what’s next

If everything checks out, you will receive 80% of the sale price while beginning the transfer process. Once the transfer is complete, weʼll immediately send you the remaining 20%.
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See If You Qualify

If your business meets the following criteria, there’s a great chance you’ll get an offer from us.

Get Started

6+ months of operations

$500k+ in net sales to consumer audiences

Majority of customers and sales are in the U.S.

Product category isn’t restricted on Facebook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to revenue-based valuations, which can be problematic for many reasons, OpenStore builds offers based on a brand’s profits, operating history, and computer-generated projections. OpenStoreʼs offer engine uses the information you provide to pull the insights it needs. It incorporates many metrics such as customer acquisition growth, average order value, and customer repeat rate to build the offer. This allows us to present rigorous offers with more precision than a simple revenue or cash flow multiple.

The best way to find out is to try out OpenStoreʼs pricing process. It only takes a few minutes, and thereʼs no obligation if you receive an offer. If your Shopify business makes the majority of its sales from its e-commerce website, it may be a fit for OpenStore. Even if your business is not a fit for OpenStore today, our merchant criteria evolves as we continually expand our engineʼs capabilities and offerings.

From receiving initial pricing to undergoing diligence, making the transition, and finally receiving passive income, the entire process takes just 45 days, which includes a 24 hour pricing evaluation and a 2-week diligence period.

Our team of ecommerce experts manage your business once you sell to OpenStore.

If the social media accounts drive sales visible through Shopify, weʼll absolutely include those factors in our valuation.